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    A new take on turn-based: crowd-control and resource management during missions.

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    Focus on the characters' personal stories.

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    The stylish world with everyday life in a space setting.


Alex, a former NASA engineer and a small team of survivors escaped from the Earth after The Spider's impetuous invasion. First, they need to get the fuel cell from the abandoned space platform to upgrade Alex old mortgage spaceship. And they know that the Spider won't make it easy.

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Alex Anderson
Alex is a good fellow and a former NASA engineer. With his wife Grace and a team of refugees, Alex escaped from the Earth on his mortgaged spaceship. They are followed by the Spider, the rogue A.I.

Alex is a competent engineer. He has calculated the optimal course for the safe camp on Saturn.

But Alex has three great problems:

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    Demon Kid
    Demon Kid is a celebrity racer onboard Alex’s spaceship. And he wants to move to a Pluto satellite instead. He has friends with political and criminal connections there. Would you resist Demon Kid and defend your ideas?
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    Strangers onboard
    Alex is surrounded by people with their own agendas and relations. And they not always listen to what Alex says. Would you build a team and become a true leader on your spaceship?
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    The Spider
    The Spider is still a threat. He prints himself with 4D-printing, improves his tactics and infests planets. Would you throw the Spider back with your tactical skills?



We are a team of friends that making a strategy of our dream

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    Maria Dyakova
    The founder
    Project manager and narrative designer. She stands at the origins of the game :)
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    Vladislav Udalov
    Concept Artist
    Vladislav is an artist with his own unique style. He created original concepts that set a mood and atmosphere of the game.
  • team member photo
    Gregory Sukhov
    Art Director
    Gregory is experienced Art Director and owner of Velkin Labs company. He invented game’s core setting concepts and leads the visual production of TSC.
  • team member photo
    Roman Lesovoy
    The creator of TSC original animations and visual effects
    Roman created a technic that combines existing animation assets and motion capture that is usually used for AAA-projects only. It allows us to create LOTS of custom animations.
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    Nikolay Narizhniy
    Game designer and programmer
    Nikolay is a skilled software developer and expert in strategic PC and board games. His great experience let him to create innovative mechanics for TSC.
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    Pavel Dyakov
    The entrepreneur, project advisor
    Pavel is an inspirer of TSC project. He was the author of idea and helped a lot with game design and starting the project. Now Pavel advises us with business part and makes a great support to our project.


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